Bamboo Fiber Straw and Tableware


Bamboo Fiber Tableware

Not just bamboo fiber straws
And also spoons, forks, table knives, dishes, drinking cups...
SUGON offers you a wide selection of bamboo fiber cutlery
Use natural and environmentally friendly bamboo fiber materials,
to replace disposable plastic tableware

Incredible combination of natural materials

No one material is perfect. In order to make different products, it is necessary to pursue the evolution of raw materials.
Study the characteristics of various environmentally friendly materials in supercritical fluid mode, not rigid and be limited to a single material. The traditional material is almost the model of local making, it is absolutely unable to face the demands and challenges of specialization.
Our research team originated in Europe, has a professional academic theoretical basis plus more than ten years of practical experience. Professional attitude in the production of electronic wafers, used in the development of various environmentally friendly materials.
After a long period of running-in and testing, combining and evolving materials.Not only reduces the defects of raw materials, but also cleverly combines various advantages.


Material R&D and production

100% Material R&D in Taiwan
100% Made in Taiwan
100% International Certification Standards
100% Biodegradable
100% Combustible, Non-Toxic

Comparison for the material of straws

Bamboo fiber, vegetative fiber polymer lactic acid polymer of corn PLA Paper mixture
Inclusion Vegetative fiber, starch and natural vegetative glue of exclusive prescription Lactic acid polymer extracted by vegetation and plasticizer like PP, PE Paper pulp and plasticizer like PP, PE
Tolerated temperature range -20 ~ 80°C -10 ~ 60°C
60 ~ 100°C
Polymerization method By Natural vegetative glue By plasticizer By PP or PE like wax and cardboard
Decomposition method By nature Biological degradation Not able to degrade by nature or biology, require recycle or combustion
Decomposition duration: Longer duration for thicker product provided standard duration of 6-8 months Required certain condition, provided standard duration of 50 days Require recycle or combustion
Side result by combustion Minimum carbon dioxide, toxic and stink free Carbon dioxide, partial stink and toxic gas Carbon dioxide, stink and partial toxic gas
Decomposition detail Natural decomposition condition like sunshine, air, water, soil, microorganism and germ It takes 90-180 days in the condition of composted environment (requiring higher temperature, higher humidity and more bacteria), shallow and wide instead of centralized burial, preferred temperature in between of 58-70C and others like size of the product and land, participation of microorganism and germ. Even though it’ll still generate 21-25 more times of greenhouse gas like methane than decomposing plastic. Wax and cardboard required combustion

Plastic-Free For...?

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