Milestone of bamboo fiber material - Antibacterial 99.9% !


Milestone of bamboo fiber material - Antibacterial 99.9% !

After continuous trials, we have completed incredible environmental protection materials. After submission, we found antibacterial effects up to 99.9%, allowing plastic-free environmental protection materials to keep up with the times. In the current global panic due to epidemic conditions, we have upgraded the parent materials to Natural antibacterial material.

This effect is by no means a crude practice of adding antibacterial agents, but the parent material possesses a permanent antibacterial effect.

The range of applications is quite wide. Food packaging materials, medical appliances, bottles and cans, etc. They are almost all applicable, even sterilization equipment for electronic products.

We use technological methods and the creative ingenuity of the developers and follow the scientific footsteps to make good use of the antibacterial properties in the parent material and gradually replace the use of chemically synthesized antibacterial agents. Alternately, we can protect our health and reduce the environmental impact of chemical substances. In such a full application of this functional value, the boots will promote environmental protection materials to another level.