New process "PCR+GEX "will be officially public at Cosmoprof Las Vegas this month!


New process

Many companies strive to develop environmentally friendly recycled materials, or increase the use of environmentally friendly recycled materials, to reduce the use of new plastic materials. It has become one of the most environmentally friendly materials, accepted by the European and American markets. 

Such environmentally friendly recycled materials are called PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled).

PCR is a recycled plastic material that is recycled from used plastic products. It through various recycling systems and then returned to the plastic material recycling factory for screening, cleaning, and then making.

Therefore, so many brands companies have begun to emphasize the use of 100% PCR as environmentally friendly products.

However, 100% PCR is still equivalent to 100% plastic. In order to exceed the requirements of 100% PCR, our research team started the material adjustment project.

Exceeding the environmental demands of 100% PCR ! Better than the carbon reduction standard of 100% PCR !

PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) is a recycled material. The physical properties of the material are no longer as good as the raw materials.

Therefore, in order to combine different materials, the combination technology must be relatively more improved.

We are not like an general company who just made a few samples, we need able to mass produce them on a real large scale.

Moreover, the bottle must also reach the level.

Of course, we did it !

Not only let the factory make mass production smoothly, but also with the characteristics of GEX, it also greatly reduces the peculiar smell generated after traditional PCR production.

Not only that, but also passed the cosmetic bottle test, drop test, EU 211 hazardous substance test... etc.

This month also let our customers to successfully make their official public at the American cosmetics exhibition Cosmoprof Las Vegas!