SGS Eco-Product Certification


SGS Eco-Product Certification

After one year of hard work, our materials and products have finally obtained the SGS environmental protection product certification mark!!!

There are a dazzling array of environmentally-friendly products on the market, and uneven quality. Although they are all appealing to environmental protection, some products consume more resources to produce than plastic products, and the result is to make "less environmentally friendly" Environmentally friendly products".

Because of this, the international community began to require the overall carbon emission index as a standard, and the SGS environmental product certification is an environmental certification program.

Certification requirements include all life cycles of products-from the extraction and manufacturing of resources to related use and processing methods.


SGS Eco-Product Certification considers four environmental criteria throughout product life cycle:

Resources: resource saving, recycled material use and durability
Hazardous substances: RoHS and REACH
Energy saving: energy consumption and energy efficiency
Recycling: WEEE and design for easy disassembly

Many concepts for making environmentally friendly products are still narrowly interpreted as "the stage of playing with the soil when the product is buried in the soil, decomposing or not decomposing". It should be more broad to achieve the overall environmental carbon reduction goal, keep up with the international standard, and make environmentally friendly products can be replaced and applied as a whole.