Tough! Lightweight! Environmentally friendly tableware without plastic.


Tough! Lightweight!  Environmentally friendly tableware without plastic.

Various countries have begun to ban or provide disposable plastic tableware products, so there have been many types of environmentally friendly tableware. Of course, for us, making a disposable tableware is quite simple. However, we have used the characteristics of the material itself to make the most representative disposable tableware.


The five features are described as follows:

1. Strong: Strong rigid! Durable! Folded many times without breaking, to solve the most vulnerable part of plant fiber tableware.


2. Lightweight: We reduce the weight of the product to 4.5 grams, to reduce the cost of material production and transportation.


3. Environmental protection: Of course, this is a basic requirement, the material itself is 0 plastic, and there is no need to add CPLA, and the temperature resistance is at least 80 degrees.


4. Antibacterial: As previously disclosed, without adding antibacterial potions, the material itself achieves an antibacterial effect of 99%, This feature cannot be achieved by many environmentally friendly materials.

5. Cheap: In addition to the above points, the price of disposable tableware is to be close to the people, and the cost of raw materials development.

Raw material development, production process, .... review every link, and keep costs to a minimum..